Building a Database! My Partial Discography for the Rolling Stones

This assignment was a lot of fun.  I got to start to learn Microsoft Access as well as spend time thinking about my favorite band.  I created a database to index information on over 250 songs by the Rolling Stones.  I threw in a couple of solo albums and some additional data so that I could experiment with relationships between my data tables.

Some of the things I learned:

-I needed to modify the entry standard for album release date as Access does not include “month, year” as a standard.  So I learned to do that.  I thought about separating out month from year, in keeping with the principles outlined in the Knaupf article to break down data strings into their smallest meaningful parts but ultimately decided I did not need “month” to be able to move independently from “year.”

-I normalized the entry options for vocalists, as in various publications “Keith Richards” will be referred to as “Keith Richard” and “Ron Wood” will be referred to as “Ronnie Wood” and I did not want to lose data.

-I created a couple of relationships and queries based on them, leveraging data from multiple tables.

-I was able to review my database design and eliminate a couple of redundancies.  I left a couple as I am not completely comfortable with Microsoft Access and setting an index number that doesn’t mean anything to me as the primary key.

While this database does not even begin to leverage the power of Microsoft Access I have begun to see the possibilities of how I can leverage it in my professional work and will be taking time to learn more.  Well worth the effort.


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